Adhipurush, directed by Om Raut, attempts to bring the revered Hindu epic Ramayana to life on the big screen. However, despite its ambitious vision, the movie falls short in various aspects. In this review, we will delve into the shortcomings of Adhipurush, exploring its lackluster execution, weak performances, and unimpressive storytelling. Brace yourself for an honest assessment of this mythological film.

Adhipurush Movie Review

A Muddled Adaptation

Adhipurush sets out to adapt the timeless tale of Lord Ram and his battle against Raavan. However, the movie struggles to capture the essence and depth of the original epic. The storytelling feels rushed and lacks coherence, failing to do justice to the intricate layers of the Ramayana. It leaves viewers longing for a more faithful and immersive adaptation.

Adhipurush Movie Review

Lackluster Performances

The performances in Adhipurush fail to leave a lasting impact. Prabhas, known for his charismatic presence, falls flat in his portrayal of Lord Ram. His performance lacks depth and fails to convey the complexities of the character. Saif Ali Khan’s portrayal of Raavan lacks the necessary gravitas, resulting in a weak and forgettable antagonist. The chemistry between the lead actors is underwhelming, further diminishing the impact of their performances.

Mediocre Visual Presentation

While Adhipurush aims to be a visual spectacle, it ultimately falls short of expectations. The production design and visual effects lack finesse, resulting in a lackluster presentation. The grandeur and magnificence one would expect from a mythological film are missing, leaving audiences underwhelmed. The battle sequences lack the necessary impact, appearing disjointed and poorly executed.

Adhipurush Movie Review

Inconsistent Narrative

The narrative of Adhipurush suffers from inconsistency and pacing issues. It fails to maintain a cohesive flow, jumping between different plot points without proper development. The screenplay lacks depth, and the characters feel one-dimensional. The film struggles to establish an emotional connection with the audience, leaving them detached and uninvested in the story.

Disappointing Impact and Reception

Adhipurush has received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. Its lackluster execution and underwhelming performances have left many viewers disappointed. The movie fails to leave a lasting impact, with its forgettable storytelling and unimpressive visual presentation. It falls short of the potential to create a cinematic experience that resonates with audiences on a deeper level.

Adhipurush Movie Review


Adhipurush misses the mark as a mythological film, failing to deliver a compelling adaptation of the revered Ramayana. Its muddled storytelling, lackluster performances, and mediocre visual presentation leave audiences wanting more. While the concept had potential, the execution falls flat, resulting in a missed opportunity in mythological filmmaking.


Can non-Hindi-speaking audiences enjoy Adhipurush?

Adhipurush is primarily in Hindi, with subtitles available in multiple languages. However, due to its shortcomings, it may not provide an enjoyable experience for non-Hindi-speaking audiences.

Are there any standout performances in the movie?

Unfortunately, Adhipurush lacks standout performances. The cast fails to bring depth and nuance to their respective characters.

Is the visual presentation of the film impressive?

The visual presentation in Adhipurush is lackluster and fails to deliver the grandeur expected from a mythological film.

Where can I watch Adhipurush for Free?

Currently, you can watch this movie only in the theater.

Does Adhipurush do justice to the original Ramayana?

Adhipurush falls short in doing justice to the intricate layers and depth of the original Ramayana. It fails to capture the essence of the epic, leaving viewers wanting a more faithful adaptation.

Prepare yourself for a lackluster mythological experience with Adhipurush. With its muddled storytelling, weak performances, and underwhelming visual presentation, the film fails to live up to its potential. Approach this adaptation with caution, as it may not deliver the immersive and impactful experience you expect from a mythological epic.