OMG 2 is an upcoming Indian Hindi-language satirical comedy-drama film written and directed by Amit Rai. It is a spiritual sequel to OMG – Oh My God! (2012) and stars Akshay Kumar, Pankaj Tripathi, Yami Gautam, and Arun Govil. The film revolves around the controversial subject of sex education in Indian schools.

OMG 2 Movie Review

OMG 2 is set to captivate audiences with its unique blend of satire, comedy, and thought-provoking social commentary. Building on the tremendous success of its predecessor, the film delves even deeper into the incredibly important and sensitive topic of sex education in Indian schools. It aims not only to initiate a conversation but also to challenge the ingrained societal norms surrounding this subject matter. By doing so, the movie sparks a much-needed dialogue, encouraging the audience to reflect upon and question the prevailing beliefs and attitudes. With its astute observations, witty humor, and a touch of irony, OMG 2 promises to be an entertaining yet powerful platform for change.

OMG 2 Movie Trailer

OMG 2 Movie Trailer is an exciting and highly anticipated film that is generating a lot of buzzes among movie enthusiasts. The trailer of OMG 2 showcases a perfect blend of thrilling action sequences, heart-wrenching drama, and captivating visuals. The film is set to take audiences on a rollercoaster ride of emotions with its gripping storyline and power-packed performances by the talented cast. With double the excitement and double the entertainment, OMG 2 promises to be an absolute treat for moviegoers of all ages. Get ready to be amazed and spellbound as OMG 2 Movie Trailer unveils an entirely new level of cinematic excellence. Buckle up and prepare yourself for an exhilarating movie experience like never before!

Cast and Crew

OMG 2 boasts a stellar cast, with renowned actors taking on pivotal roles:

  • Akshay Kumar as Krishna Arjun Singh
  • Pankaj Tripathi as Pandit Alok Tripathi
  • Yami Gautam as Anjali Singh
  • Arun Govil as Lord Rama

Under the direction of Amit Rai, these talented individuals bring their expertise to create an engaging and impactful cinematic experience.

Film Release and Production

OMG 2 is scheduled for release on 11th August 2023, eagerly anticipated by fans and movie enthusiasts alike. The film’s production is helmed by a dedicated team, including producers Vipul D. Shah, Ashwin Varde, Aruna Bhatia, Rajesh Bahl, and Swaroop Sampat. Their collective efforts ensure seamless execution of the project.

The film’s musical score is composed by Anand Raj Anand, who adds an enchanting and captivating element to the storytelling. With his musical talent, Anand Raj Anand has created a mesmerizing soundtrack that resonates with the emotions portrayed on screen. Additionally, Sudeep Chatterjee’s brilliant cinematography beautifully captures the essence of each scene, bringing out emotions and enhancing the visual appeal of the film. His skillful use of light and composition immerses the audience in the story, creating a truly immersive cinematic experience. Together, the musical score and cinematography elevate the film to new heights, adding depth and richness to the overall narrative.

The Controversial Subject of Sex Education

Sex education in Indian schools has long been a topic of heated debate. With differing opinions on its necessity and suitability for young students, OMG 2 delves into this contentious subject matter. The film aims to ignite discussions, challenge preconceived notions, and encourage a progressive outlook toward sex education.

Director Amit Rai expresses his strong desire for the film to serve as a powerful catalyst for change in society. In his own words, he emphasizes, “I am determined to create a thought-provoking film that not only captivates the audience but also stimulates their minds to contemplate this pressing issue. I aspire to ignite a much-needed conversation about the importance of sex education in India.” By fearlessly taking on this significant topic, OMG 2 is poised to shatter societal barriers and foster an inspirational transformation in our society.

OMG 2: A Must-Watch for Fans of Comedy-Drama

For fans of comedy-drama, OMG 2 promises an unforgettable cinematic experience. Blending humor, satire, and social commentary, the film is set to entertain while addressing significant societal issues. It’s thought-provoking narrative and engaging performances will keep audiences captivated from start to finish.

OMG 2 is not just an entertaining film but also an opportunity for viewers to reflect on the importance of open-mindedness and progressive thinking. By creating a captivating storyline around sex education, the film offers a unique perspective that will resonate with audiences.


OMG 2, the sequel to the controversial comedy-drama OMG – Oh My God!, is a highly anticipated film exploring the topic of sex education in Indian schools. Directed by Amit Rai and featuring a talented cast, including Akshay Kumar and Pankaj Tripathi, the film aims to spark conversations and challenge societal norms.

As an entertainment medium, OMG 2 provides both laughter and food for thought. Its release in August 2023 will undoubtedly leave an impact on audiences, encouraging dialogue and promoting a more progressive approach to sex education. OMG 2, as a form of artistic expression, has the unique ability to entertain viewers while also provoking and stimulating their minds. With its anticipated release in August 2023, the film is expected to captivate audiences with its humorous and thought-provoking content. Moreover, the movie’s narrative is likely to spark conversations and discussions, fostering an environment where open dialogue about sex education and related subjects can flourish. By promoting a more progressive approach to this important topic, OMG 2 has the potential to make a lasting impact on viewers’ perspectives and perceptions.

When is OMG 2 scheduled for release?

OMG 2 is set to be released on 11th August 2023

Who are the key cast members of OMG 2?

The film stars Akshay Kumar, Pankaj Tripathi, Yami Gautam, and Arun Govil in prominent roles.

What is the budget of OMG 2?

The film’s budget is estimated to be around ₹150 crores (US$19 million).

Who is the director of OMG 2?

OMG 2 is directed by Amit Rai.

What is the subject of OMG 2?

OMG 2 revolves around the controversial subject of sex education in Indian schools.